Sep 5, 2010
The Journal of Medical Informatics and Technologies (MIT) is a well established refereed international journal for publishing scientific papers. The topics of interest are related to the Medicine, Applied Computer Science and Biometrics.
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Aug 5, 2010

We are pleased to announce new website of Biometric Research Centre.

In this site you can find information about research, evaluation and development in the area of biometric recognition systems. For example, fingerprint, face, or voice recognition.


  • Fingerprint Shift - database contains images in which the finger was subjected to various pressures [480 images - 620x620px - 500dpi]: REQUEST FORM
  • PDA Collected Signatures - database contains signatures of 15 people and 3 forgers collected using a Windows Mobile PDA device [285 signatures - SVC2004 format]: REQUEST FORM
  • Lip Prints Database - database contains lip prints data: REQUEST FORM
  • Liver fibrosis in HCV patients - database contains blood test results of HCV patients, correlated with a liver biopsy result: REQUEST FORM
  • Keystroke Dynamics - database contains free-typing keystroke dynamics, correlated with user IDs: REQUEST FORM
  • Gestures - database contains Leap Motion Controller captured gestures data, correlated with user IDs: DOWNLOAD